Save the Salt Foundation 

is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah and to promote its history and motorsports legacy. The organization aspires to keep this national treasure available for future generations. In 2011, a number of prominent organizations formed the "Save the Salt Coalition" to help the nonprofit organization achieve its goal. The Coalition is seeking to restore the Bonneville Salt Flats. The Coalition is working with government officials, mine operators and others to supplement the current salt replenishment activities. In 2014, the Utah Alliance, a Utah-based advocacy group was formed to use its expertise and contacts at the local level to protect this historic place listed on the National Register.


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200MPH VW Beetle

Preston Lerner | September 30, 2016


Target 500 Streamliner 2016 Operational Report

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VW Beetle runs 205MPH on "sketchy" surface

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Back on the Salt

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Racers whip across Utah's famed salt flats after 2 years off

Daily Mail | Associated Press | August 17, 2016


Records being set, despite less than ideal Salt Flat conditions. See photo gallery here

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Speed Week returns to the Bonneville Salt Flats

Fox News Video  | August 16, 2016


Slowly, But Surely . .

Toole Transcript Bulletin | Jessica Henrie | August 8, 2016


SCTA BNI  Letter of BLM Director Neil Kornze

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BLM Opens Investigation into Bonneville Salt Flats Surface Damage

STS/UA  Louise Ann Noeth  | July 26, 2016


RACERS: Speed Week on Utah salt flats good to go so far

AP Michelle Price  | July 12, 2016
































To view the Save the Salt Facebook page, click here or on "Save the Salt" in the box below